Northern Neck Orthodox Christians
Diocese of the South - OCA
A Community Forming in the Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula of VA

“Here am I; Send me“ - Is:68

The Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula Orthododx Mission Station is in its infancy and is coordinated for the purpose of bringing the Ancient Faith of the Apostles to a previously underserved region of Central Virginia. As the voices reaching out from this region over recent months and years have grown slightly louder and as resources in the form of available clergy have begun to slowly increase, we set out to begin the most initial stages of finding the most fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of a mission. The Rappahannock River region draws from an area somewhat northwest of Fredericksburg and reaches far into the regions of the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula east of Interstate 95 toward the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia. Our aim is to zero in over the course of the coming year on exactly which area or areas would be best to locate a solid mission base and ultimately plant a mission. We have begun to offer evening prayer and instruction at the Deltaville branch of the Middlesex Co Library, with the intention of keepig our eyes peeled for a more permanent and reguar location to work from. We continue to reach out locally and gather the flock. Please prayerfully accompany us as we bring the fullness of the faith revealed to the Apostles and fulfill the Great Commission to baptize all nations! Come and See!

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